3. Corvus eorax ruficollis

(3) Corvus corax ruficollis Lesson.
Corvus corax ruficollis, Fauna B. I., Birds, 2nd ed. vol. i, p. 23.
The Brown-necked Raven only breeds within our limits in some of the Sind Hills and in Baluchistan, laying, so far as our very scanty information goes, in January with the exception of one single record for March, when a clutch of four eggs was taken by Mr. A. F. Gonsalves in the hills on the Sind-Baluchistan frontier due East of Sukkur. Clutches of eggs taken by Luri Khan and by Major C. G. Nurse in the Pabb Hills were both found in January. In Palestine Col. R. Meinertzhagen took many nests in March, whilst Mr. H. L. Powell found them breeding during this month near Aden. Most nests undoubtedly are placed on ledges on the steep, high banks of rivers or on ledges of mountain cliffs but, occasionally, they make their nests on trees. Major Nurse describes his nest as having been built “on a branching palm 16 feet from the ground and only obtained with the greatest difficulty, the branch being so thin.” Mr. Gonsalves’ nest was “of the usual corvine type, in a Dalbergia Sissoo-tree about 10' high.” In Persia Mr. A. J. Currie found them breeding both on the high river banks and on trees but generally the former.
The nest is like that of any other Raven and is often occupied year after year. The eggs vary from three to six, the smaller clutches apparently full in number, as in some cases the eggs were incubated. In colour they are not distinguishable from those of the Punjab race but their small size renders them easily to be separated from those of any other Raven. Forty-four eggs average 45.0 x 30.9 mm. : maxima 51.2 x 34.3 mm. ; minima 40.5 x 30.0 and 44.0 x 29.0 mm.
The caw or croak of this Raven when disturbed at the nest is said to be much less deep and sonorous than that of the Punjab Raven.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 1. 1932.
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3. Corvus eorax ruficollis
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Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Brown Necked Raven
Brown-necked Raven
Corvus ruficollis
Vol. 1
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