Coracias indica

Coracias indica, Lin.

123. :- Jerdon's Birds of India, Vol. I, p. 214; Butler, Guzerat; Stray Feathers, Vol. III, p. 456 ; Deccan, Stray Feathers, Vol. IX, p. 382; Murray's Vertebrate Zoology of Sind, p. 109; Swinhoe and Barnes, Central India; Ibis, 1885, p. 61.


Length, 12 to 13.5; expanse, 23.3 to 25 ; wing, 7.25 ; tail, 5.1 ; tarsus, 0.98; bill at gape, 1.7; bill at front, 1.1.

Bill dusky-brown; irides dark red-brown; eyelids yellow ; legs dusky orange-yellow.

Head above and nape dingy greenish-blue, the forehead tinged with rufous; hind-neck, scapulars, inter-scapulars and tertiaries dull ashy-brown with a green gloss, and tinged with vinous on the hind-neck; back blue; rump and upper tail-coverts deep violet-blue; lesser-coverts and shoulders deep cobalt-blue ; the other coverts dingy greenish-blue; the winglet, greater coverts and quills pale sky-blue, with a broad band of violet-blue on the middle of the wings, occupying the terminal half of the secondaries and last two or three primaries ; the first seven primaries tipped dark blue; tail, with the two centre feathers, dull green, the others dark violet-blue, with a broad pale-blue band, occupying the greater part of the terminal half of the tail, and widening exteriorly ; beneath, chin, throat, and breast, light vinous-purple; the feathers with pale fulvous shafts passing into tawny-isabella, with light streaks on the abdomen; lower abdomen, flanks, vent, and under tail-coverts pale blue; wings beneath entirely pale blue, with a broad violet band.

The Roller, or as Europeans prefer to call it, the Blue Jay, is generally distributed throughout the district; it is a permanent resident, but retires to the better-wooded portions of the country to breed. At and near Hyderabad, Sind, I found many nests and have several times taken them in Central India.

They breed during April, May and June, in holes in trees, old walls and roofs; the size of the nest depends mainly on the size of the hole, and is composed of grass, feathers, and bits of rags, &c.; the eggs, generally four in number, are broad oval in shape, glossy china-white in color, and measure 13 in length by 1.06 in breadth.

Handbook to the Birds of the Bombay Presidency
Barnes, Henry Edwin. Handbook to the birds of the Bombay Presidency, 1885.
Title in Book: 
Coracias indica
Spp Author: 
Book Author: 
Barnes, H. Edwin
Page No: 
Common name: 
Indian Roller
Coracias benghalensis indicus

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