561. Copsychus saularis andamanensis

(561) Copsychus saularis andamanensis.

The Andaman Magpie-Robin.

Copsychus andamanensis Hume, Str. "Feath., ii, p. 231 (1874) (Andamans).

Vernacular names. None recorded.

Description.— Adult male. In this race the third pair of tail-feathers have a great deal of black on them, sometimes only the tips of these feathers are white and the fourth pair also have a considerable amount; the under wing-coverts are mottled dusky white and the underparts are much sullied with dull rufous.

Colours of soft parts as in the Indian bird.

Measurements. Wing 96 to 102 mm.; tail 87 to 91 mm.; tarsus 29 mm.; culmen about 18 mm.

Female. The abdomen and vent strongly suffused with dull rufous-brown and the upper plumage and breast darker than in C. saularis saularis. As Hume points out, this bird is nearer C. saularis musicus than it is to the Indian race but it is not as dark as the former bird and has the small bill of the latter.

Distribution. Andamans only.

Nidification. Breeds in the Andamans in April and May. Nothing has been recorded so far about either nest or eggs.

Habits. Avery familiar bird in the Andamans as everywhere else and at Boss Island, the headquarters of the Islands, Davison says it shares with the Myna and the Crow the privilege of being the most common bird. It is said also to haunt open forests, the banks of streams and semi-cultivated tracts. It is a fine singer.

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma-birds(second Edition)
Baker, EC S (1922–1930) The fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Second edition. vol.2 1924.
Title in Book: 
561. Copsychus saularis andamanensis
Book Author: 
Edward Charles Stuart Baker
Page No: 
Common name: 
Andaman Magpie Robin
Copsychus saularis andamanensis
Vol. 2
Term name: 

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