230. Larus brunneicephalus

230. Larus brunneicephalus.


Dhorura, India.

Male 16" to 17". Legs red. Bill red, tip dark. Head brown, paler on forehead, and darker towards neck. First quill black, white at base, white subterminal mirror, and faint white tip. Second quill similar, but no light tip. Third quill black, with more white at base and small white subterminal spot. Fourth and fifth quills with basal white increasing on both webs. Seventh quill tip white, white on outer web, and grey on inner web, with a black spot. Eighth, ninth, and tenth grey.— In winter: Head dusky grey. Breeds in C. Asia, and ranges south in winter, from Aden, through India, to Assam, Manipur, and Burma. (J. 980. B. 1491.). See illustration, p. 215.

Also L. maculipennis. 15". Legs red. Bill crimson. Eyelid and patch behind eye white. First quill black, terminal 3" white. Second quill white outer web. Subterminal bar black, inner web with black clear of white shaft. Third quill similar, but with more subterminal black.— In winter: No hood for short time, and not rosy beneath. East of S. America.

L. glaucodes. 14". Like L. maculipennis, but primaries without the black subterminal bars. S. America.

Male 18 3/4" to 19 1/4"; 14 to 18 oz. female 13 to 14 oz. Legs greenish. Bill green, tip red, with intervening black bar. Head dark brown. Narrow white collar on back and sides of neck. First, second, third, and fourth quills blackish, with white tip and spot. Wing-lining sooty.— In winter: Head pale brown, mottled whitish. Chin white. Throat and foreneck mottled white and brown; white collar wanting. Lower Red Sea, E. Africa, S. Arabia, Baluchistan, and Sind, Eggs (2.27 x 1.58) buff, spotted brown and lilac (B. 1492. S.F. i. 279.)

Also L. leucopthalmus. 15 1/2". Legs yellow. Bill orange. Head black. Mantle deep slate. Eyelids and hind neck white. Primaries chiefly sooty black, tipped white. Red Sea, Lower Egypt, Greek Archipelago, and Sicily.

L. fuliginosus. male 17". female 15". Legs black. Bill red. Head black. Eyelids white. Primaries chiefly black, tipped grey. Galapagos.

Hood grey. Mantle grey. L. cirrhocephalus. 16". Legs and bill red. Eyelids white. First and second quills black, with white subterminal mirrors. Third quill with smaller white mirror.— In winter: Head white. Brazil and Africa.

B. Head without a hood. Tail white. Quills mostly white, margined black. Bill red.

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
230. Larus brunneicephalus
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Brown Headed Gull
Brown-headed Gull
Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus
4th ed.

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