6. Turdus aliciAe

Turdus alicioe, Baird. B. N. Am. p. 217, pl. 81, fig. 2 (1858) ; Taczs. F. O. Sib. O. p. 318 ; Palmen, Vega. Exp. Fogelf., p. 262 : Seebohm, Cat. B. Br. Mus. v. p. 202.
Oyngoptschekadlin, Tschuktch.
Ad. (N. America). Differs from T. twainsoni in having the upper parte greyish olive, sides of the head ashy grey ; under parts white, the chest sometimes tinged with buff, and marked with triangular plumbeous brown spots ; axillaries dull greyish olivaceous ; a distinct whitish orbital ring ; legs brown. Culmen 0.55, wing 4.0, tail 3.2, tarsus 1.1 inch. The young of these three American Thrushes differ from the adult in having the upper parts marked with warm buff, and the adults are rather darker in the autumn than in the spring. Sexes similar.
Hab. N. America, from Labrador to the Behring Straits, south to the northern States in summer, ranging in winter as far south as Costa Rica. Not uncommon in N.E. Siberia.
Frequents pine-woods more than those composed of deciduous trees, and is said to be far more shy than T. swainsoni. Its food is much the same as that of its congeners, and it usually obtains it on the ground. Its song is said to differ from that of its congeners, most nearly resembling, however, that of T. pallasi. Its nest, which is placed on a tree or bush at from 2 to 7 feet above the ground is constructed of sedge, grass-bents, bark-strips, and stems of the more delicate Equisetaceoe, never of Hypnum, and the eggs, usually 4 in number are greenish blue, bluer than those of T. swainsoni, spotted with russet and yellowish brown, averaging in size about 0.92 by 0.64.
Mr. Ridgway separates an eastern form, inhabiting the N.E. United States, which he calls T. bicknelli, and should this separation be justified, which I am inclined to doubt, it will not be this form but true T. alicioe which inhabits N.E. Siberia.

A Manual Of Palaearctic Birds
Dresser, Henry Eeles. A Manual of Palaearctic Birds. Vol. 1. 1902.
Title in Book: 
6. Turdus aliciAe
Book Author: 
H. E. Dresser
Page No: 
Common name: 
Gray Cheeked Thrush
Catharus minimus aliciae
Vol. 1

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