1063. Propasser rodopeplus

(1063) Propasser rodopeplus.

The Spotted-winged Rose-Finch.

Fringilla rodopepla Vigors, P. Z. S., 1830-1, p. 23 (Simla-Almora Districts). Propasser rhodopeplus. Blanf. & Oates, ii, p. 217.

Vernacular names. Gulabi Tuti (Hind, in Nep.).

Description. - Adult male. Cheeks and a broad supercilium shining rosy-pink; lores, ear-coverts and upper plumage deep crimson-brown, the feathers centred still darker and those of the lower back and the scapulars streaked with rosy-pink ; rump-feathers tipped rosy; wing-feathers brown edged with crimson-brown ; median coverts tipped with rosy-pink; greater coverts and inner secondaries with a rosy spot at the tip on the outer web; whole lower plumage dark rosy-red, showing a few black shaft-lines ; the feathers of the chin and throat pointed and tipped with glistening pink.

Colours of soft parts. Iris brown; bill horny-brown, paler on the lower mandible ; legs and feet pale brown or fleshy-brown.

Measurements. Total length about 170 mm.; wing 82 to 90 'mm.; tail 67 to 74 mm.; tarsus about 23 mm.; culmen about 13 to 14 mm.

Female. "Whole upper plumage ashy ochre-brown, each feather centred with dark brown; wing-coverts and inner secondaries like the back, the primary-coverts darker brown with no pale edges or spots; the inner secondaries broadly marked on the outer web with ochre; a broad supercilium ochre-buff; lores and ear-coverts dark blackish brown ; whole lower plumage rich buff streaked throughout with black.

Distribution. The Himalayas from Mussoorie through the Simla Hills, Garhwal and Nepal to Sikkim.

Nidification. Whymper found this fine Rose-Finch breeding in Garhwal, and his collectors took three nests containing four, four and five eggs respectively. They are of the usual Rose-Finch character but of a deeper blue ground-colour than any other known eggs of the larger species. They measure from 21.0 x 16.0 mm. to 23.3 x 17.1 mm. They were taken between 10,000 and 11,000 feet.

Habits. A Rose-Finch of elevations between 10,000 and 15,000 feet and apparently not descending much lower in Winter.

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma-birds(second Edition)
Baker, EC S (1922–1930) The fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Second edition. vol.3 1926.
Title in Book: 
1063. Propasser rodopeplus
Book Author: 
Edward Charles Stuart Baker
Page No: 
Common name: 
Spotted Winged Rose Finch
Spot-winged Rosefinch
Carpodacus rodopeplus
Vol. 3

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