218. Butorides javanica

218. Butorides javanica.


Koncha-bagla, India; Dosi-honga (Telugu).

Male 16" to 18". Legs greenish. Bill 3", black and yellow. Forehead, crown, and long occipital crest black. Black line from beneath orbit. Back green. Central line to ashy breast white. Chin and throat white. Abdomen chocolate. India, Ceylon, Burma, and rest of the oriental region, Mascarene Islands. Three to five eggs (1.62 x 1.21), pale sea-green. Includes Sharpe's subspecies— B. spodiogaster, from Andamans and Nicobars. (J. 931. B. 1567.)

Also B. atricapilla. 16". Similar to B. javanica, but throat streaked light rufous. From tropical Africa and Madagascar.

B. brevipes. 16 1/2". Similar to B. atricapilla, but throat is grey. From E. Arabia.

B. striata. 14 1/2". Similar to B. atricapilla, but throat is streaked dark tawny. From S. America.

B. robinsoni. Allied to B. striata. From Margarita Island.

B. amurensis. 16 1/2". Similar to B. javanica. From Amoorland, Japan, China to Philippines, Java, and Borneo.

B. stagnatilis. 17". Similar to B. javanica. From N. and E. Australia, New Guinea, Moluccas, and Pacific Isles.

B. sundevalli. 18". With wing-coverts uniform. From Galapagos.

B. virescens. 12 1/2". Above green. Sides of face chestnut. From N. and C. America. B. anthonyi. Similar to B. virescens. From Colorado.

Also the genus Pilerodius. "With four long white nape-plumes. One species— P. pileatus, 25", white, entirely confined to S. America.

Also the genus Tigrornis, with fore cheek bare. No dorsal plumes, and plumage barred. One species— T. leucolopha, 28", above greenish black, from W. Africa.

Also with tarsus transversely scaled:—

The genus Zonerodius. With crest-plumes full and rounded. One species— Z. heliosylus, 21", above black, barred sandy, from New Guinea.

Also the genus Heterocnus. With throat feathered in centre and bare at sides. One species— H. cabanisi, 27", above brown, with black shaft lines, from C. America.

Also the genus Tigrisoma. With throat bare. Five species— T. lineatum, 20", olive-brown, barred and streaked black, axillaries black, broadly banded white, from British Guiana and C. America: T. marmoratum, 28", similar to T. lineatum, but axillaries slaty, finely barred white, from S. America; T. bahiae, 24", similar to T. lineatum, but breast and abdomen barred brown, from E. Brazil; T. fasciatum, 28", with head and neck black, from S.E. Brazil; T. salmoni, 27", colour brown, and axillaries uniform without bars, from N. of S. America.

Bill as long as mid toe and claw.

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
218. Butorides javanica
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Green Heron
Butorides striata javanica
4th ed.
Term name: 

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