860. Aethyia nyroca

860. White-eyed Duck.
AEthyia nyroca (Guld.), Nov. Comm. Petrop, xiv. p. 403 (1769) (Naum.), xii. p. 41, Taf. 309 ; (Saunders), p. 445 ; (Lilford), vii p. 109, pl. 45 ; AEtigia ferruginea (Gmel.), Syst. Nat. i. p. 528 (1788) ; Dresser, vi. p. 581, pl. 438 ; Blanf. F. Brit Ind. Birds, iv. p. 460 ; AE. africana, (Gmel.), Syst. Nat. i. p. 522 (1788) ; (Salvadori), Cat. B. Br, Mus. xxvii. p. 345 ; AE. leucophthalma (Bechst.), Orn. Taschenb, i. p. 450 (1802) ; (Gould), B. of E. v. pl. 368 ; (id.) B. of Gt. Brit. v. pl. 21.
Fuligule nyroca, French ; Zarro, Portug. ; Pardote, Rochet, Span. ; Moretta-tabaccata, Ital. ; Moorente, German ; Beloglasyi-Nyrok, Russ. ; Ziriguil, Moor. ; Karchiya, Burar-mada, Hindu.
Male ad. (Volga). Head, neck, and breast chestnut-red ; a small spot at the base of the under mandible white ; a blackish brown band round the lower neck ; upper parts blackish brown ; speculum white tipped with black ; under parts white ; flanks reddish brown ; lower abdomen fulvous : beak and legs plumbeous ; iris white. Culmen 1.6, wing 6.8, tail 2.3. tarsus 0.9 inch. The female is duller in colour, the feathers on the back and breast with pale tips ; abdomen marked with brown.
Hab. Central and Southern Europe ; of somewhat rare occurrence in Great Britain : Canaries ; North Africa, south to Abyssinia ; Western Asia, north to the Ob valley, east to Kashmir, south to Central India.
Frequents chiefly fresh water, but is also occasionally, to be met with on the sea-coast in winter. Its food in summer consists chiefly of vegetable substances, but in winter of insects and their larvae, crustacea, and mollusca. Its call-note resembles that of AE. ferina but is not so loud. Its nest is placed on the ground, or on a tussock, sometimes in a bush 2 to 8 feet above the ground, always well concealed. Its eggs 7 to 12 in number are usually deposited in May and are yellowish or greyish buff and measure about 2.1 by 1.46.

A Manual Of Palaearctic Birds
Dresser, Henry Eeles. A Manual of Palaearctic Birds. Vol. 2. 1903.
Title in Book: 
860. Aethyia nyroca
Book Author: 
H. E. Dresser
Page No: 
Common name: 
White Eyed Duck
Ferruginous Duck
Aythya nyroca
Vol. 2
Term name: 

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