1964. Arborophila rufogularis tickelli

(1964) Arborophila rufogularis tickelli.


Arboricola tickelli Hume, Game-Birds, ii, p. 77 (1880) (Muleyit, Tenasserim). Arboricola rufigularis (part.). Blanf. & Oates, iv, p. 126.

Vernacular names. Toung-kha (Burm.).

Description. Similar to A. r. rufogularis but with no black band below the rufous throat; the white of the cheeks and the cheek-stripe is perhaps purer and the lower parts are paler with a greater extent of white on the abdomen. The male and female seem to be exactly alike.

Colours of soft parts. u The legs and feet, appear to be always much paler " (than in the Himalayan race), " a pinky and not a bright red " (Hume).

Measurements. Wing, 138 to 148 mm., 132 to 146 mm.

Distribution. Tenasserim, South Shan States, Karen-ni; possibly also North and West Siam and North Malay States.

Nidification. Unknown in a wild state. Hens in the aviaries of Mr. Barnby Smith made two nests, one just a hollow with a pad of grass, the other a well-hidden nest with sides and dome formed of the living grass round it. These aviary birds had the same habit as the wild ones of screening the exit from their nest with a little grass whenever they left it. Four eggs of the usual character were laid, measuring 1.6 x 1.2 " (=40.6 x 27.5 mm.).

Habits. As far as recorded very similar to those of the other races. They roost at night well up in trees or bamboos, keep in small coveys of ten to twelve birds and have the loud double whistle of the genus " commencing very soft and low, but gradually becoming more and more rapid, and rising higher and higher, until, at last, the bird has to stop. As soon as one stops, another takes it up " (Davison).

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma-birds(second Edition)
Baker, EC S (1922–1930) The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Second edition. vol.5 1928.
Title in Book: 
1964. Arborophila rufogularis tickelli
Book Author: 
Edward Charles Stuart Baker
Page No: 
Common name: 
Tenasserim: Rufous Throated Hill Partridge
Arborophila rufogularis tickelli
Vol. 5

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