1060. Ptilolaemus austeni

1060. Ptilolaemus austeni.

Godwin-Austen's Hornbill.

Anorhinus galeritus, apud Godw.-Aust. J. A. S. B. xxxix, pt. 2, p. 90; xii, pt. 2, p. 143 ; id. Ibis, 1878, p. 206; nec Temm. Anorhinus austeni, Jerdon, Ibis, 1872, p. 6; Hume, S. F. iv, p. 493; v, p. 117; vii, pp. 167, 499: xi, p. 52; id. Cat. no. 144 ter; Hartert, J. f. Orn. 1889, p. 426. Ptilolaemus austeni, Ogilvie Grant, Cat. B. M. xvii, p. 393.

Coloration. Male. Similar to that of P. tickelli, except that the cheeks, throat, sides of neck, and fore-neck are white instead of rufous, and the rest of the lower parts paler; the secondaries and middle tail-feathers too are not tipped white. The upper parts appear greyer, but this may be due to the state of the plumage. Female unknown.

Length about 31; tail 11.5; wing 12.5; tarsus 2 ; bill from gape 4.7.

Distribution. The only specimen known for a long time was obtained by Colonel Godwin-Austen at Asalu, in the North Cachar hills; subsequently three more were shot by Hartert in the hill-forest south of the Dehing; this species was also observed by Hume in Manipur.

Habits, &c. Very little known. Hartert came upon a flock of 8 or 10, and far from being as shy as P. tickelli, they allowed him to fire six shots and kill four birds, one of which was left hanging in a high tree, before they flew away. Their flight was rather noisy. They had eaten a few insects (Mantides, Blattae, and locusts) besides fruit.

The Fauna Of British India including Ceylon and Burma
Blanford, William Thomas, ed. The Fauna of British India: Including Ceylon and Burma. Vol.3 1895.
Title in Book: 
1060. Ptilolaemus austeni
Book Author: 
William Thomas Blanford
Page No: 
Common name: 
Godwin Austens Hornbill
Austen's Brown Hornbill
Anorrhinus austeni
Vol. 3
Term name: 

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