309. Nettium albigulare

309. Nettium albigulare.


Male 16" to 18"; 1 lb. Female 15" to 16"; 12 oz. Legs plumbeous. Bill plumbeous, nail black. Upper part of head dark brown. Cheeks, chin, throat, and foreneck white. Eye set in white ring. Full short occipital crest. Above dark brown, edged paler. Brilliant longitudinal metallic green wing-band. Outer web of first secondary white, of seventh to ninth bronze, of others black. S. Andaman Island. Eggs (1.93 x 1.43) creamy. (B. 1598. H. & M. iii. 243.)

Also N. gibberifrons. 17". The Oceanic Teal. Similar to N. albigulare, but no white eye-ring, and usually no white on outer web of first secondary. Celebes, Java, Timor, Flores, and Sumba.

N. bernieri. 16" to 17". Legs and bill red. Head and neck pale brown, streaked blackish. Back brown, edged grey. Tail brown, tipped paler. Breast and abdomen dull red, mottled pale brown. Speculum black, with no metallic green band. Madagascar.

N. capense. 15 1/2". Legs yellow. Bill crimson. Head and neck white, dotted black. Above fulvous, barred and spotted brown. Throat white. Upper breast barred with brown. Speculum green, with white bar in front. S. Africa.

N. flavirostre. 15" to 16". Legs grey-blue. Bill yellow, nail black. Head and neck grey-brown, barred blackish. Above grey-brown, with black spots and margined red-brown. Breast and below whitish, spotted and barred. Upper wing-coverts grey, tipped hazel, forming a band above the black speculum. S. America.

N. oxypterum. 17 1/2". Similar to N. flavirostre, but abdomen is unspotted white. Scapulars with small black spots and broad rufescent edges. Peru and N. Chili.

N. andium. 16" to 17". Similar to N. flavirostre, but legs are flesh-coloured and bill dark without any yellow, Ecuador and Venezuela.

N. georgicum. Similar to N. flavirostre, but speculum is entirely black, with no longitudinal metallic green band on the upper part. S. Georgia.

N. punctatum. 13". Legs purplish. Bill light purple, base black. Upper part of head black. Back black, edged light brown. Wings brassy green. Speculum glossy green, bordered black. S. and E. Africa and Madagascar.

N. brasiliense. 17". Legs and bill red. Head and nape black. Back brown. Sides of head and neck grey. Neck and breast reddish. Upper wing-coverts velvety black. Axillaries white. S. America.

N. torquatum. 14". Legs yellow. Bill black. Back grey-olive. Breast rosy, spotted black. Axillaries black. Speculum bronze-green. S. America,

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
309. Nettium albigulare
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Andaman Teal
Andaman Teal
Anas albogularis
4th ed.
Term name: 

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