1218. Alauda gulgula herherti

(1218) Alauda gulgula herberti Hartert.
Alania gulgula herberti, Fauna. B. I., Birds, 2nd ed. vol. iii, p. 322.
This little Sky-Lark, which is very close to A. g. sala of Hainan, is resident in Cochin China, Siam and South-East Tenasserim. Specimens from Northern Tenasserim which Oates called peguensis seem nearer to our Indian gulgula.
As this bird is resident wherever it occurs it is sure to he found breeding in Burma later on.
Herbert gives the following description of its breeding in Siam (Journ. Nat. Hist, Soc. Siam, vol. vi, p. 216, 1923):—"This Sky¬-Lark is found in great numbers in the paddy-fields round Bangkok, and may be heard singing in the dry weather or early part of the rains.
"The nest is built in a cup-shaped hollow on the ground out in the open fields, and is very similar to that of the Pipit. It is usually placed under cover of a tuft of paddy-stubble, without any domed top, and is constructed of dry grass with occasionally a few roots or hairs for the lining. There are plenty of nests from early May to the end of June, though the commencement is earlier than this, and a fair number may be found in July.
“The eggs are broad ovals, much pointed towards one end, though long ovals are sometimes found. The ground-colour is a yellowish-white, with streaky spots and specks of yellowish brown, and sometimes a few pale purple spots. There is a zone or cap on the large end, often clearly defined, though sometimes it is of a cloudy nature.”
A fine series of eggs taken by Herbert and Williamson agree with the above description, but there are also many eggs of the grey type so common to all our Indian Sky-Larks.
As a series the eggs are much better blotched and less freckled than any of the other races, and some eggs are really quite hand¬somely marked.
Fifty eggs average 20.5 x 16.0 : maxima 22.3 x 16.5 mm., minima 18.1 x 15.0 mm.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 3. 1934.
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1218. Alauda gulgula herherti
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Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Siam Small Sky Lark
Alauda gulgula herberti
Vol. 3
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