Drymoipus rufescens

Drymoipus rufescens, Hume.

544bis. :- Butler, Guzerat; Stray Feathers, Vol. III, p. 484 ; Deccan, Stray Feathers, Vol. IX, p. 407.


Length, 6.45 to 7.2 ; expanse, 7.1 to 8 ; tail, 3.3 to 3.9 ; wing, 2.3 ; tarsus, 0.9 to 0.95; bill at front, 0.5 to 0.53.

Bill blackish-horny, fleshy at base of lower mandible; irides from brown to deep yellow; legs fleshy to reddish-brown.

Whole upper surface, including tail, and greater median-coverts, tertiaries, and outer webs of primaries and secondaries, rich rufous-brown in full" plumage, dull, or earthy-brown, more or less tinged or overlaid with rufous in young birds; tail very distinctly and finely, but obsoletely barred, much less distinctly however in some specimens than in others ; all the feathers, except the central ones, narrowly tipped with fulvous-white, with a more or less distinct penultimate dusky bar; the young birds with a good deal of white on the inner webs of the lateral feathers, which is entirely wanting in adults.

In some of the adults, the dark subterminal bar becomes almost obsolete; lores and a stripe over the eye fulvous white; ear-coverts, sides of neck, and breast, and sometimes some of the lesser wing-coverts about the carpal joint, a greenish or greyish-brown ; the ear-coverts at times more or less mottled with fulvous-white; lower parts pale fulvous, or buffy, albescent on the chin and throat and middle of abdomen, tinged at times on the breast with grey, more purely buff on lower tail-coverts and wing-lining, and more rufescent on tibial plumes ; inner webs of primaries and secondaries hair-brown. The young birds are much paler and more albescent on the lower surface.

The Great Rufous Wren Warbler occurs at Mahableshwar, Ratnagiri, and probably all along the Sahyadri Range ; it is not uncommon at Aboo and Deesa. It has not been recorded from any other portion of our limits. Drymoipus rufescens equals D. insignis in winter plumage.

Handbook to the Birds of the Bombay Presidency
Barnes, Henry Edwin. Handbook to the birds of the Bombay Presidency, 1885.
Title in Book: 
Drymoipus rufescens
Spp Author: 
Book Author: 
Barnes, H. Edwin
Page No: 
Common name: 
Great Rufous Wren Warbler
Greater Swamp Warbler
Acrocephalus rufescens

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