Chelidon albigena

Chelidon albigena, Heugl. J. f. O. 1861, p. 419 ; id. Orn. N.O.-Afr. i. p. 109 (1869) ; Sharpe, P. Z. S. 1870, p. 293 ; Dresser, P. Eur. iii. p. 499 (1875) ; Sharpe, Cat.
B. Brit. Mus. x. p. 94 (1885).
C. subeaudalibus albis : rectricis extimae pogonio interno versus basin albo-notato.
Hab. in Africa septentrionali-orientali.
Adult. Similar to C. urbica, but differs in the throat being pure pale dusky ash-colour, with a mous¬tachial line of pure white very distinctly indicated ; sides of breast, flanks, and under tail-coverts delicately shaded with smoky grey ; outer webs of under tail-coverts with conspicuous subterminal dusky spots, the shafts blackish ; rump whitish, the middle feathers dusky ash-colour and marked with some duller spots ; tail emarginate, slightly extending beyond the wing (to the extent of 2 lines) ; inner web of outer tail-feathers marked near the base with a conspicuous whitish spot : bill black; claws pale horn-colour ; iris dusky. Total length 5", wing 3" 11"', tail 2" 3.1/2"', tarsus 5'".8, culmen 2"'.8.
Hab. Bogos Land, North-east Africa.
THIS species, if distinet species it be, has not been rediscovered since the late Baron von Heuglin described it thirty years ago, and we have nothing to add to the description which lie then gave. He considered it to be decidedly different from C. urbica, though of the same size as the latter. He writes :—“ The well-defined white check-stripe, the slightly forked tail, and the white spot on the inner web of the outer tail-feather arc the striking characters which distinguish the species, apart from the colour of the under surface of the body.
“I only met with it on one occasion, at the beginning of August 1861, in a some¬what large flock, after a violent thunderstorm, near Keren, in the Bogos country. I shot several birds, which, on the whole, were similarly marked. I took them for Common Martins until I saw the grey colour of the under surface; in only one of the specimens is the light colour on the inner web of the outer tail-feather almost entirely absent.”
The description is copied from that given in the well-known work of Baron von Heuglin, on the Ornithology of N.E. Africa.
For the geographical distribution of Heuglin’s Martin, vide infra, Plate 7 [Map].

A Monograph Of The Hirundinidae Or Family Of Swallows.
Sharpe, Richard Bowdler, and Claude Wilmott Wyatt. A Monograph of the Hirundinidae: Or Family of Swallows. Vol. 1. 1894.
Title in Book: 
Chelidon albigena
Spp Author: 
Book Author: 
Richard Bowdler
Page No: 
Common name: 
Heuglins Martin
Vol. 1

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