Foe the convenience of binding this work we have divided it into two volumes, but it was originally written with the idea of forming a single volume only. The unexpected growth of the material at our disposal and the discovery of new species have caused the work to extend far beyond the limits originally proposed by us, and therefore the division of the volume into two portions may be found more convenient.
The paging, however, is consecutive, as is also the numbering of the Plates, throughout both of the proposed volumes, as the numbering of the Plates had been settled before the idea of a subdivision of the work occurred to us.
It remains only to thank the many friends who have interested themselves in our labours, and to assure them that the long delay in the completion of the volumes has been caused by the pressure of official work, and also by a desire to make the book as complete a ‘ Monograph ’ as was possible. Thus great attention has been devoted to the migration and geographical distribution of the interesting birds of which the volumes treat, and we hope that the introduction of the “Tables of Geographical Distribution. with the symbols agreed upon by the “Second International Congress” at Budapest, will be found instructive, as well as the illustration, by means of coloured maps, of the range of each species.
To our excellent printers, Messrs. Taylor and Francis, WE OWE our heartiest acknowledgments for the care and attention they have shown. The colouring of the Plates has been executed by Miss Bertha Sharpe and Miss Dora Sharpe, with the occasional help of their sisters Emily and Eva. In the early parts they were assisted by Miss Florence Wilson.
August 3. 1894.

A Monograph Of The Hirundinidae Or Family Of Swallows.
Sharpe, Richard Bowdler, and Claude Wilmott Wyatt. A Monograph of the Hirundinidae: Or Family of Swallows. Vol. 1. 1894.
Title in Book: 
Book Author: 
Richard Bowdler
Vol. 1

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